Opinion piece on NORDeHEALTH project in the BMJ


Maria Hägglund has published an opinion piece on the NORDeHEALTH project in the BMJ. 

The opinion piece describes the project and four important areas that will receive special focus; 

  • Contextual differences: when reading studies on success or failure of PAEHR implementations there is often a lack of detail provided on contextual or socio-technical factors that could have influenced the results. 
  • Usability and adoption: Digital exclusion remains an important problem when discussing digitalization of healthcare. 
  • Transparency challenges: a few areas related to patients access to their records that are often debated and where best practice has yet to be established; (1) mental health, (2) shared decision making in oncology, and (3) parental, adolescent, and proxy access.
  • Co-designing collaboration: the future of online access to EHRs and the crucial shift from transparency to collaboration. So far, patient input to the record and use of the record as a collaborative tool to document information practice is not routine.

We are on an exciting journey, and plan to continuously share our insights along the way. NORDeHEALTH is the first large-scale international study of transparency and patients’ online access to their records. It has potential to make an important and widespread impact on the future design and implementation of patients’ access to their health information and collaboration with healthcare.

Please read the full opinion piece here: 

Maria Hägglund: Nordic countries lead new initiative on patient access to EHRs