New paper in JMIR mental health: Preparing Patients and Clinicians for Open Notes in Mental Health


Maria Hägglund co-authored an article exploring international experts opinions on preparing patients and clinicians for patients' online access to the notes in their record in a mental health context.  

A total of 70 of 92 (76%) experts from 6 countries responded. We identified four major themes related to opening mental health notes to patients:

  • the need for clarity about provider policies on exemptions,
  • providing patients with basic information about open notes,
  • clinician training in writing mental health notes, and
  • managing patient-clinician disagreement about mental health notes.

Blease, C., Torous, J., Kharko, A., DesRoches, C., Harcourt, K., O'Neill, S., Salmi, L., Wachenheim, D., Hägglund, M. (2021). Preparing Patients and Clinicians for Open Notes in Mental Health: Qualitative Inquiry of International Experts. JMIR mental health, 8(4)