Workshop and presentation at EFM Special Topic Conference


26-27th November 2020, Uppsala MedTech will be presenting work at the Special Topic Conference hosted by the European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI). 

Thursday 26th, Maria Hägglund will present the article "Mobile Access and Adoption of the Swedish National Patient Portal", co-authored by Charlotte Blease (Harvard Medical School) and Isabella Scandurra (Örebro University). 

Friday 27th, Maria Hägglund and Annika Bärkås will organize the workshop "Exploration of A Socio-Technical Analysis Template for Patient Accessible Electronic Health Records", co-organised by Charlotte Blease (Harvard Medical School), Monika A. Johansen (Norwegian Center for eHealth Research), Sari Kujala (Aalto University), and Isabella Scandurra (Örebro University). 

For more details, the full conference programme and registration information please consult to conference website