Collaboration with Open Notes at Harvard Medical School


Maria Hägglund, Senior Lecturer in Implementation Science and Associate Professor in Health Informatics, was a visiting researcher in the US during the academic year of 2019/2020.

Maria was working both on analysis of the FORTE-financed PACESS study where patient centred evaluations of patients’ access to their health records are performed, and on case studies of the implementation of similar eHealth services in the US, often referred to as Open Notes. During the year Maria was a Keane OpenNotes scholar at Beth Israel Medical Deaconess Center and a Visiting Lecturer Medicine at Harvard Medical School, with the aim that this will lead to a more long-term international collaboration focusing on patients’ access to their health records.

The first joint publication resulting from this collaboration was an editorial in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Patients’ access to health records which has been widely shared in social media worldwide.