Annika Bärkås presents at HIC Conversations seminar


 On the 28 April 2022 at 12.00-13.00, Annika Bärkås, PhD student at MedTech Science and Innovation Centre, Uppsala University, will present her research on patients' online access to their mental health records at Karolinska Institutet, Health Informatics Centre's seminar series HI Conversations. 

The use of secure web-based portals where patients can access and read their Electronic Health Record (EHR) is referred to as Patient Accessible Electronic Health Records (PAEHR). Internationally, implementation of PAEHR-services has become more widespread, but remains far from the norm.

The phenomenon of sharing clinical notes or narrative visit reports with patients is often referred to as ‘open notes’. Open notes can be considered an essential part of any PAEHR. However, sharing PAEHR or open notes written by psychiatry professionals is considered particularly controversial.

Research reports that the majority of clinicians in psychiatric care have negative experiences of patients accessing and reading their psychiatry PAEHRs or open notes. On the other hand, the majority of patients who receives psychiatric care reports positive experiences of being able to read their psychiatry PAEHRs or open notes.

Find out more about HI Conversations here, where you will also find the Zoom link for the seminar.