Welcome to a new seminar series on the topic of Biomedical Engineering!


This seminar series is brought to you by the Division of Biomedical Engineering, Dept. Materials Science and Engineering and MedTech Science & Innovation Centre, with the aim of bringing together people at UU and beyond with an interest in biomedical engineering and to share news on the research that is going on across the university in this area.

The seminars will run during lunch time on the first Thursday of every month during term time and all are welcome to attend, in physical or digital format. A lunch sandwich will be served for those that attend in person. You can find more information about the individual seminars here.

The first seminar will be given by MTSI's own Orcun Göksel! 

Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Orcun Göksel, Department of Information Technology/MTSI, UU

Title: Deep Learning in Computer-assisted Diagnosis, Therapy, and Imaging

Abstract: This talk is aimed to serve as an overview of research interests in our group. With specific focus on combining imaging, image analysis, and learning systems, the talk will demonstrate several research topics and our recent developments therein; covering rather the breadth than the depth.  Several of our works revolve around ultrasound imaging, which is a safe, cost-effective, portable, and real-time imaging modality.  Its uses will be presented, for example, for elastography for characterizing shear-modulus and for speed-of-sound relating to bulk-modulus.  Several clinical applications, such as on biomechanical and imaging simulations for training and therapy, will also be exemplified.  An overarching theme throughout the talk will be our cutting-edge deep-learning solutions on the various research questions involved.

Bio: Orcun Goksel is associate professor at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. He leads the research group Computer-assisted Applications in Medicine, as part of Uppsala Medtech Science and Innovation Centre and the Centre for Image Analysis. He received bachelor degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. Following a PhD degree from University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada, he held a Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, before joining Uppsala University. His research interests include machine learning, computer vision, ultrasound imaging in biomedical applications, biomechanical tissue characterization, image reconstruction, image-guided therapy, and patient-specific modelling and simulation. By devising novel imaging and image analysis techniques and developing them for clinical translation, his research efforts push the boundaries of diagnostic and surgical procedures as well as minimally-invasive interventions.